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One of the biggest rivers is in South America and the number one extreme sport in Colombia, River Suarez is a must do for anyone looking for adventure on there trip. With class 4+ rapids this is the trip for those looking for a real adrenaline rush. You start your journey 1 hour from San Gil and finish your journey where the Rios Fonce and Saurez meet 30 minutes from San Gil. You won't get a chance to relax as you get tossed about passing through rapids that include The Labrynth, Martha's tongue and The Surprise. The 20km trip is 2 hours of non-stop rapids and you will enjoy a chance to stop and enjoy refreshments at the halfway point. When you do get a chance to look around you will find Rio Saurez passes through a beautiful part of Santander.

We strongly advise only using Colombia Rafting Expeditions (CRE) for this journey. Despite what other companies may offer CRE are the only ones that have qualified safety kayakers, Grade 5 IRF qualified guides and will actually tackle the big rapids and not walk around them. They also use high quality safety equipment and not local made jackets and other equipment.

When it comes to saving $10 please consider the above. English guides also available.

Two day trip also available depending on group sizes and river levels.

RAFTING - RIO FONCE Rio Fonce is the main river passing through San Gil. Your rafting trip begins 11km upriver from town and takes around one and half hours on the river. We supply transport and have all the equipment for a safe and comfortable journey including helmets, jackets, paddles and we advise wearing sandals.

River Fonce is class 2-3, depending on the height of the river. Traveling down the river you will have the opportunity to see typical flora and fauna of the Santander region while enjoying a swim and playing games with your guide. The journey comes to an end back in the centre of San Gil. It's an enjoyable journey for first time rafters and families.

RAFTING - RIO CHICAMOCHA - CEPITA Rafting trips on Rio Chicamocha travel through the spectacular Chicamocha Canyon. The Chicamocha Canyon has amazing scenery along the 1.5 hour ride. We supply transport to the start of your journey an hour and a half from San Gil and all the equipment needed for a safe and comfortable journey. Rio Chicamocha is level 1, 2, 3 and 4 rapids and is for those looking for a more extreme journey.

We offer trips up to 4 days long on River Chicamocha camping along the way. For pricelist please email us with dates and group size.


Depending on your level of ability we have the option of one day or three day courses

3 day courses can be broken up over a number of days to give the body a rest and involve 3 days of 5 hour classes.

DAY 1 Courses start in the swimming pool where you will learn about the equipment, basic safety, emergency exit, balance, basic strokes, turning and an introduction to the eskimo roll before heading on to a calm section of River Fonce. For a short run on moving water.

DAY 2 Back to the swimming pool for a more intense lesson on the eskimo roll. The eskimo roll is the skill of rolling your kayak back up the right way if you have tipped over. This is the main skill in kayaking and once perfected will make the rest of your time on the river much more enjoyable.

The second half of the day is back on the river from a higher point. Tackle a few grade 2 -2+ rapids and practice your new skills on the river.

DAY 3 Depending on the client, we spend the first part of the day either back in the pool perfecting the roll or on the river learning new skills.



The first location is near the town of Curiti, and depending on the conditions you will fly for between 15 and 20 minutes over tobacco farms with a view towards the Chicamocha Canyon.

Canyon Chicamocha The second destination is in the Chicamocha canyon the largest in Colombia and recently named national park. We supply transport to the top of the canyon where you will start your flight, enjoying amazing scenery. Fflights take between 30 minutes to an hour depending on the conditions. We then provide your transport back to San Gil.

Paragliding Courses Paragliding courses can be arranged, Macondo does advise those wanting to learn paragliding in Colombia to learn with pilots who are internationally accredited so that you can use your certification when you go home and elsewhere in Colombia.

We also advise that you study with an English speaking guide or have a good level of Spanish. It's also important that you learn to fly at more than one location so you can learn about different conditions and become a better paraglider. We highly recommend Ritchi Mantilla Gomez based in Ruitoque near Bucaramanga for courses.

For more information on courses please contact him directly on richifly@colombiaparagliding.com Caving

Get down and dirty in a number of local caves. You're supplied with headtorch and taken by local guides through the caving network.

Cow Cave (Cueva vaca)
Named after the cows that were mysteriously disappearing in the area, this is the type of place you could easily get lost in if you weren't with a guide who knows the area well. The cave is long enough to do multiple day trips but we recommend just the 2 hour journey. The most beautiful of the caves is also the most extreme, meaning to see the nicest formations in the area you're going to have to crawl through mud and swim under water to get there.

Antigua Cave (Cueva Antigua)
10 minutes from San Gil on the road to Barichara are the Antigua caves. These caves feature a number of large saloons as well as the path of bats and spiders. Depending on how adventurous you feel, crawl through small tunnels of mud and water to underground waterfalls. These caves have a number of tight sections but always open up again into larger caves. Depending on how adventurous you are the trip takes between 1 and 2.5 hours.

Indian Cave (Cueva Indio)
Based in the town of Paramo 20 minutes from San Gil, Cueva del Indio is the most famous of the caves in the area. The Indian cave is more open than the Antigua cave and filled with clean water. Here you'll see bats before following a path through waste deep water. Learn about the stalagmites and stalagtites before reaching a 5m dive into a pitch black pool below. The exploration of this cave takes around 2 hours.


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