With class 4+ rapids this is the trip for those looking for a real adrenaline rush. You start your journey 1 hour from San Gil and finish your journey where the Rios Fonce and Saurez meet 30 minutes from San Gil. You won't get a chance to relax as you get tossed about passing through rapids including the The Labrynth, Marthas tongue and The Suprise. The 20km trip takes around 3 hours of none stop rapids and you will enjoy a chance to stop and take refreshments at the halfway point. When you do get a chance to look around you will find Rio Saurez passes through a beautiful part of Santander.

We strongly advise only using Colombia Rafting Expeditions (CRE) for this journey. Despite what other companies may offer CRE are the only ones that have qualified safety kayakers, Grade 5 IRF qualified guides and will actually tackle the big rapids and not walk around them.. They also use high quality safety equipment and not local made jackets and other equipment.

When it comes to saving $10 please consider the above. English guides also available.

Two day trip also available depending on group sizes and river levels.


Rio Fonce is the main river passing through San Gil. Your rafting trip begins 11km upriver from town and takes around one and half hours on the river. We supply transport and have all the equipment for a safe and comfortable journey including helmets, jackets, paddles and we advise wearing sandals.

River Fonce is class 2-3 depending on the height of the river. Traveling down the river you will have the opportunity to see typical flora and fauna of the Santander region while enjoying a swim and playing games with your guide. The journey comes to an end back in the centre of San Gil. It's an enjoyable journey for first time rafters and families.


Rafting trips on Rio Chicamocha travel through the spectacular Chicamocha Canyon. The Chicamocha Canyon has amazing scenery along the 1.5 hour ride. We supply transport to the start of your journey an hour and a half from San Gil and all the equipment needed for a safe and comfortable journey. Rio Chicamocha is level 1,2,3 and 4 rapids and is for those looking for a more extreme journey.

We offer trips up to 5 days long on River Chicamocha camping along the way. For pricelist please email us with dates and group size.

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