Getting Here ...

When arriving in San Gil not all buses stop at the bus terminal which is 3km from the town centre. Taxi's around San Gil cost 4,000 including those to and from the bus terminal. If you do decide to walk, head towards the main plaza and then walk 1 block to the right along carrera 9, When you reach the Colmena Bank corner turn left and walk up the hill to the first corner, turn right and its the 3rd house on the right.

Coming from Bogota
Buses leave regularly from Bogota’s main terminal an
d travel through Tunja. (getting on point from Villa de leyva) The journey takes between 5 hours at night to 7 hours during the day.

From Villa de Leyva
Although other routes exist the easiest and most reliable is back through Tunja (1hr)
And then changing onto a bus 4 hours north to San Gil.

From Cartagena and Santa Marta
The majority of people choose to take the night bus on this route. Both buses travel to Bucaramanga where you’ll have to change bus for the final 2.5 hours of the trip through the spectacular Canyon Chicamocha. From Cartagena the bus takes 14hrs for the complete trip while Santa Marta San Gil is a 12 hour journey. Copetrans last bus is at 10pm from Santa marta and 9.30pm from Cartagena. Berlinas has an 11.30pm bus from Santa Marta and 7pm from Cartagena

From Medellin
Again head through Bucaramanga (8hrs) before changing onto a bus for the 2.5 hour ride to San Gil.

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