Depending on your level of ability we have a number of kayaking options available from 3 day courses to equipment rental.

Kayakers with experience can make runs on different rivers with experienced guides. Prices depend on group size and experience.

3 day courses can be broken up over a number of days to give the body a rest and involve 3 days of 5 hour classes.

Courses start in the swimming pool where you will learn about the equipment, basic safety, emergency exit, balance, basic strokes, turning and an introduction to the eskimo roll before heading on to a calm section of River Fonce. For a short run on moving water.

Back to the swimming pool for a more intense lesson on the eskimo roll. The eskimo roll is the skill of rolling your kayak back up the right way if you have tipped over. This is the main skill in kayaking and once perfected will make the rest of your time on the river much more enjoyable.

Second half of the day is back on the river from a higher point. Tackle a few grade 2 -2+ rapids and practise your new skills on the river.

Depending on the client we spend the first part of the day either back in the pool perfecting the roll or on the river learning new skills.

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