Luxury bathroom accessoriesThe Pre-Colombian Empire of the Guane culture has it’s home overlooking the Saurez Canon. One hundred small homes based around the town square and a small church makes up the town of Guane.

Guane is a lovely 1.5 - 2 hour walk from Barichara on El Camino Real de Guane also known as the Lenguerke trail - an 1840’s path that travels across the province of Santander linking small towns.
Highlights of Guane include the Guane Museum which is divided into three sections: Palaeontology and Archaeology, Pottery and Antiques. The town square is paved with fossils that have been found in the area and can still be found on the trail between Barichara and Guane.

Try the local Chicha and restaurants serve Goat (Cabro) a Santander local specialty.

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